Consumer user experience is the new standard for enterprise applications, SAP screen persons are part of user experience (UX) strategy and lies in the enablement area primarily because of its ease of use and effectiveness to allow non-technical individuals to design screen flavours quickly. SAP Screen Personas provides its customers with ability to create SAP Screens that are more in line with consumer-grade applications. To deliver a successful personas project and the process of designing screen personas flavours is very much a team effort and it takes a team with distinct skill sets such as Business process expertise, knowledge of Personas Tool and UI design skills.

HBO Consulting wide-ranging experience in implementing SAP Screen Persons will provide your organisation a cost effective option and delivers the complete business value.

Key Value Drivers & Business Benefits

  • Enhance user productivity by simplifying transactions and Consolidate business processes into fewer screens.
  • Hiding screen elements you do not use and changing text labels.
  • Combining data from multiple tabs into a single screen.
  • Bringing information from several transactions onto a single screen.
  • Add your own background image, corporate colors, logos, and graphics; or, use a Fiori theme.
  • Information retrieval and integration, from other transactions or external HTML-based content.
  • Increase User Satisfaction and improve Usability.
  • Tailor screens for specific business roles/individuals and create distinct screens for each user role in little time.
  • Empowers users by providing them only the information they need in the right context.
  • Reduce learning curve on SAP, cut training cost.
  • Fast and cost effective screen modification without ABAP development skillsand not even single line of code.
  • SAP Screen Personas is targeted specifically at ERP 6.0 customers.
  • Modernize user experience without disruption.